There’s only one program here – I work with you do help you achieve your goals. There aren’t any different “levels” of service or any other coaches working “under” me. It’s just you and I.

I work with 12-20 people at a time and give every one the amount of time and energy that they require. Every one is looking for a different amount and type of input from a coach. I try my best to deliver the level of input each person requires.

I usually begin with an outline for the season and then send training plans in 3-6 week blocks depending on the time of year. I periodise the program where necessary and define priorities. The goal is to communicate well enough to set out a training program that you can hit 100%. If something comes up to necessitate a change to the plan then I’m happy to make a change. This is what personal service and feedback is about.

I encourage people to get tested in a lab to determine aerobic and anaerobic threshold Heart Rates for bike and run so we can have some objective numbers to define training intensity. It’s not vital, but for many people it helps to know exactly how hard to train.

I answer my e-mails about 340 days a year and reply to each and every e-mail the same day I receive it 95% of the time. I always reply to urgent ones as soon as I read them. I try not to be nebulous as you can see from me spelling all of this out! All things related to performance can be discussed from nutrition to race wheels to stretching or what-ever. If I don’t feel comfortable discussing a certain subject then I’ll tell you so and try to refer you to a source you can go to for help with that issue. If I don’t have an answer for you immediately then I’ll try to find an answer from one of the reliable sources of info available to me. This is one of my strengths as a coach – some very smart people will take my calls and answer my questions.

I’m easy to talk to! And I’m willing to talk about you and your program for the fees that I charge. I know some people charge more. I don’t feel the need to. Not yet anyway! There’s no charge to answer further questions about how I work, so if you have any then please feel free to e-mail me at .

Cost Structure

Initial program set-up: US$250
Ongoing coaching/consultation: US$375 per month*
*minimum three month commitment required.

All long term clients can negotiate a break on fees while taking a break from training. I’m a reasonable guy!

Programme includes:

  • initial set-up to design an appropriate program
  • Advice on nutrition, supplementation, preventative maintenance, strength training, race strategy and if needed advice on equipment, travel, etc.
  • Duration and intensity of all sessions spelled out
  • Three- to six-week training blocks with as much e-mail contact as necessary to adapt to changing circumstances. Most of the athletes I work with e-mail me 3-4 times each week.